Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knoxville Ice Bears are the Tennessee Pro Sports Team of the Year

Since it's the time of year when minor league hockey teams and leagues start playing muscial chairs, lets keep going with the theme of current teams in old EHL arenas, Part 2: The Knoxville Ice Bears of the SPHL.

The Ice Bears have just been named 2009 Professional Sports Team of the Year by the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. The award will be presented this Friday, February 19th.

The Ice Bears have also been named Tennessee Sports Franchise of the Decade by Blank Newspaper. The fact that Blank is based in Knoxville and describes its own award as "prestigious" doesn't necessarily make it so. But still it's a nice acknowledgment over such teams as the NHL's Nashville Predators and the NFL's Tennessee Titans.

Knoxville has won the SPHL championship three of the last four seasons including last season. They have been regular season champion 4 of the 5 years of the SPHL. The Ice Bears just played to a sellout crowd of 5,134 this past Saturday night.

One would suspect that the Ice Bears will be in pretty good a shape for years to come.

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