Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to the Farm for Jim Lorette - from Hometown Hockey blog

Continuing with today's EHL Jersey Devils theme (although slightly, since he was better known as playing for the Jacksonville Rockets / Florida Rockets and Salem Rebels / Roanoke Valley Rebels) here's a brief blog on Jim Lorette from the Hometown Hockey blog...
Jim Lorette is from Fertile, Saskatewan. After a long professional hockey career in the Eastern Hockey League he is back in Fertile. Lorette began his EHL career in 1964 with the Johnstown Jets. The 210 pound defenseman never had a problem picking up a few penalty minutes. He also registered 53 and 43 point seasons. Eastern League stops included Jacksonville Rockets, Salem Rebels, New Jersey Devils and the Roanoke Valley Rebels. When the hockey career ended in 1971-72, Lorette returned to Fertile to occasionally play and coach. Today, Lorette has a 1200 acre grain farm and run a herd of 35-40 beef cows.

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