Sunday, October 31, 2010

EHL Arena Tour - Clinton, Utica, Syracuse, Troy

Hi all,
I'm back from a 3-day Eastern Hockey League tour of central New York. I took hundreds of pictures to share with you. Highlights included...
* Hersey Bears-Syracuse Crunch at Syracuse War Memorial Auditorium. (Syracuse Blazers home rink)
* A visit to the Syracuse State Fairgrounds Arena (where the Blazers played the last half of their dominating championship season of 1972-73, whilst a bowling tourney took over the War Memorial.)
* Several visits to Clinton and the Clinton Arena (home of the Comets).
* A visit to the Clinton Historical Society.
* Lunch at Altieri's (a restaurant/bar in Clinton with lots of Comets history.)
* A failed attempt to visit the Oneida County Historical Society.
* Utica College vs. Franklin Piece at Utica Memorial Auditorium (the weekday home of the Clinton Comets from the 1960-61 season on.)
* A visit to the RPI Field House, was where the Uncle Sam's Trojans of the 1952-53 EAHL played.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll post blogs with lots of photos on each section of the journey. So, stay tuned!
Cheers from The EHL!
Tom T.

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