Monday, December 5, 2011

Eastern Hockey League News - November 2011

Here's your Eastern Hockey League News for November 2011...

Chuck Miller, who helped find the EHL Atlantic City Boardwalk Trophy visits the Hockey Hall of Fame and sees the Trophy displayed for the first time.
Anyone who has researched the EHL on-line at all know of Chuck's original article on the Eastern hockey League and the Atlantic City Boardwalk Trophy.

"Between the Nitro Pipes, Ed Babiuk" by Anthony Dransfeld of the Kimberley (BC) Bulletin
Babiuk played for the Eastern Hockey League Jacksonville Rockets, Jersey Devils, Clinton Comets and Long Island Ducks.

A welding accident closed Clinton Arena on November 9.

A Celebration of Life for Charlotte Checkers' and New Haven Blades' Fred Creighton was held on November 11. Gregg Pilling was the MC for the event.

Hamilton College played a home game at Clinton Arena, home to the EHL Clinton Comets on November 22, here's some video...

An article from Chilliwack, BC on Richard Kramp (pictured left) who played for the EHL Charlotte Checkers in 1972-73.

"A True Slapshot Story", by Kirk Penton for the Winnipeg Sun. (A little past the EHL, but the EHL spirit was there.)

A few Nashville Dixie Flyers pics borrowed from around the web.

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