Saturday, November 28, 2009

The John J. Carlin Trophy

The January 9, 1956 edition of the Baltimore Sun speaks of how the Carlin family, owners of Carlin's Iceland Arena - where the Clippers played, donated the John J. Carlin Trophy to be presented to the EHL's leading scorer each season.

Two weeks later, in the wee hours of January 23, 1956, Carlin's Iceland Arena burned to the ground.

Given that the John J. Carlin Trophy was given each year for the rest of the EHL's existence, one can surmise that it was not in the arena when it burned.

Having no backup arena in Baltimore (2 had been proposed the previous year, 1 private, 1 public, but both fell by the wayside.) the Clippers were transferred to Charlotte, NC. But that's another blog.

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