Saturday, May 21, 2011

An event at Washington's Uline Arena - Swampoodle

Uline Arena in Washington, DC, home of the EHL Washington Lions and Washington Presidents, is back in action. This week you can do more than park your car in it, you can buy tickets to go see...
Swampoodle .

It sounds a bit like Cirque du Soliel meets history of DC's notorious, historic and forgotten Irish neighborhood, which was mostly where Union Station's rail yard is now.

I know I'd go, just to experience an event in the building. I'll be interested to see how they represent hockey, if at all. The video looks to show late sixties hockey, going by the haircuts, well after the EHL was gone from DC.

5/24/11 Update...
Here's a review from Jenn Larsen of We Love DC that makes me wish I could experience it. The building itself is the main event. I guess I'll just have to park my car there sometime...

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