Thursday, July 14, 2011

Johnstown's Hockey History - EHL Video

Johnstown Jets fan, Tim Barndt, is at it again.

* First he gave us the Johnstown Jets Photo Album, (go to "Collections" at composed of photos taken by his father, Johnstown Jets and Johnstown Tribune-Democrat photographer, Robert C. Barndt.

* Then he found this Gene Peacosh Retrospective on YouTube.

* And then, last week, while going through some old VHS tapes, Tim found the Johnstown's Hockey History documentary below and uploaded it to YouTube so we can all enjoy. This is a fabulous find. Thanks once again, Tim!

Here's Tim's commentary on the video...
It is a half-hour WJAC video about the history of hockey in Johnstown. I believe it was produced in 1990 or so. I think someone at Channel 6 sent it to my Dad back then, making the tape I have around 20 years old. There are pictures and video of the old Jets, along with the Bluebirds, Wings, and Chiefs. A couple of interesting clips are John Brophy mugging a Jet during play around 6:20 into the video and, probably the most unique footage, I think it is longtime Trainer/Equipment Manager/Backup Goalie Ken "Gunner" Garrett in a suit as some function around 8:53.
Just some fun information I thought you might be interested in. Enjoy!

YouTube link:

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