Friday, September 2, 2011

EHL Documents Now at

Special thanks to Mike Piskuric, who sent along a stack of EHL documents for your enjoyment. The set includes two sets of 1971 Johnstown Jets incident reports and the 1961 EHL Constitution and Bylaws. The first set is for an incident between Gene Peacosh and Johnstown fans on January 16, 1971. The second set is for a stick swinging incident between Johnstown's Blake Ball, and Syracuse Blazers' coach Phil Watson at Syracuse on February 19, 1971. You can see them now on the "Documents" page at .

Mike Piskuric, who tracked down the documents at the Johnstown Historical Society, is one of the forces behind the Johnstown hockey history book, "Slap Shots and Snapshots: 50 Seasons of Pro Hockey in Johnstown" Mike has been a consistent contributor to Here are some reviews for his book (Which I finally bought this past week from Barnes & Noble. Can't wait to have a good rainy day off to read it. Lots of good pictures and stats.)...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Dave Molinari : Hockey & Johnstown ... it's more than 'slap shot': - Love of the Game Leads to Hockey Book:

Pittsburgh Penguins - New Book Chronicles Johnstown Hockey History:

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