Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eastern Hockey League News - October 2011

EHL articles are now being posted on the Eastern Hockey League Facebook group. There are lots of EHL players, families, officials, management, historians and diehard fans in the group, with lots of jerseys (sorry, sweaters), programs, photos, trivia and memories there. Why don't you join in the fun?

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, I plan to post the articles here monthly. Hopefully, this will free me up to get back to actually writing blogs here. I've got at least 10-15 blogs in my head, but never seem to have time to get them typed in, scanned and formatted.

Here's the Eastern Hockey League News for October 2011...

Charlotte Checkers, New Haven Blades, Fred Creighton

Cherry Hill Arena

Hamilton College to play SUNY-Cortland at Clinton Arena Tuesday November 22

EHL Official Jim Galuzzi, and Salem Rebels' Dave Schultz

The Art Dorrington Ice Hockey Foundation "On the Ice - Off the Streets"

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