Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bobby Taylor CFL & EHL

Defenseman Bobby Taylor (not to be confused with Jersey Devils goaltender Bobby Taylor) had a 14 year career in the CFL, while playing for EHL New Haven Blades, Jersey Devils, Johnstown Jets, Long Island Ducks and Salem Rebels during that time. The web is strangely silent about his playing both sports. I do have an article that says that "policeman" Bobby Taylor signed with the Jersey Devils in January 19, 1967, after finishing his Toronto Argonauts season, and that he had played with Victoria and Seattle in the WHL previously. That would appear to match him up with this Bobby Taylor at Wikipedia shows this Bobby Taylor playing with Argonauts in 1966 and 1967. His short hockey seasons, and changes of teams (makes sense, since a team might not need a defenseman suddenly in January) seem to bear out that this was the same guy. Still I'm not seeing any mention of this anywhere on the web. I might have a scoop.


  1. That is the same Bobby Taylor. He played in the CFL and various minor pro hockey teams.

  2. Thanks, Unknown. You are indeed correct. I think I wrote that originally back in 2009 when we still in the early stages of gathering EHL information. It somehow got bumped forward to 2014 when I made some changes to the blog. I haven't blogged much the past few years, so I never got around to updating really old threads like this where we have much new information and photos. Check out and our EHL Facebook group .